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Venice is one of the most romantic cities ever — a perfect place for a wedding!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Serving Cheese instead of a Wedding Cake

Cheese-Cake-5You have something old, something borrowed, but do you want something unique for something blue? How about having cheese?

If you want to be unique and want something more exciting than a tiered fondant covered wedding cake, you can go for stacks of cheese wheels. It is a trend that is gaining popularity in Australia and the United Kingdom, and most likely it will cross the ponds and you will be seeing wedding cheese wheels in the United States soon.

You can have cheese wheel wedding cakes especially when you are having a wine-country wedding. It will be perfect. While cutting cake comes natural, we list down some tips for cutting cheese on your special day in case you are not too familiar:

Consider the climate

If you have a warm weather in your locale, going for aged cheeses made from cow’s milk will be your best choice. Cheeses made from goat’s and sheep’s milk should be your next choices.

Local Varieties

You can show off the best local cheese varieties for your destination wedding. If you are doing it in California, the Cowgirl Creamery just close to Napa Valley will have amazing cheese choices. In Puerto Rico, the best source of your cheese wheels will be Quesos Vaca Negra. The House of Cheese in Britain offers hundreds of choices for your wedding cake.

Varying texture

Make sure you have different textures for your different layers. You can have some hard cheddar, triple crème, and some semisoft bleu. If you are thinking of how much cheese you need, you can prepare around 3 ounces of cheese per guest.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Destination Wedding: Mistakes you must avoid in Venice

venice-weddingVenice has been a place of romance and couples from all over the world has it as dream wedding destination for them. So if you are heading to Venice for your wedding make sure to remember the travel tips below so you avoid the mistakes that a lot of tourists make:

Don’t have dinner before 8pm

Most tourists cannot hold to this rule especially after a long day of going around the beautiful city. Do not follow this rule and you might wind up with other tourists eating an expensive dinner of below standard pasta. Wait until cocktail hour ends so you can try the best dishes the place can offer.

Don’t ride a gondola

Okay, it might be a nice photo opportunity. It is Venice after all but lately it is common to see gondolas packed with a whole mix of excited tourists. So there is really nothing so romantic about the experience.

Don’t dress up during the carnevale

It may be tempting to dress up and joy all the fun but leave this to the professionals hired by the city to beef up the touristy atmosphere. The Carnevale happens for ten days every Ferbruary. Be ready with your cameras though since your eyes will be very busy with all the pageantry.

Don’t get a Bellini

For those who do not know, Bellini is a cocktail made from peach puree and prosecco. It is delicious but it is really overpriced especially at bars where tourists flock to. The 20 euros for a glass of Bellini is not worth it. Instead grab a bottle and enjoy it with your partner at the comforts of your hotel room.

Don’t go for a daytrip to the cemetery islands

You might have read the works of Donna Leon or is just a fan of thrillers and mysteries. If you are really interested to go to Venice for your wedding, then you might have also researched about the most interesting places to see. The island of San Michele or cemetery island is just an hour away from the busy St. Mark’s Square. The other island, Poveglia, which served as a dying place for the victims of plagues is actually off limits to everyone.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Destination Weddings: Enjoying your Honeymoon exploring Venice

Sunset-in-VeniceWe have featured before Venice as a wedding destination but this corner of Italy is also a great place where newly weds can have their honeymoon. Its 118 islands and snaking canals have a lot to offer for couples. It is a romantic city of old villas, unique buildings, and rich culture.

The best time to visit is during summer which happens in May thru June and September. If you are opting for a winter wedding and honeymoon, Venice is also nice although damp and cold. The streets and canals though are very calm and stunning.

For your Venice honeymoon, here are some of the best things to do:

Explore the streets of Venice

Walking around the quaint streets of Venice is among the most romantic you can do with your spouse. Walk while holding each other’s hand around the Piazza San Marcos considered as among the most beautiful squares in Europes. Just appreciate the ambiance or you can pose for pictures. You can also visit the Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge which are among the most romantic spots in Venice.

Outdoor cafes

If you want to have some peace and quiet, you and your spouse can enjoy a glass of wine or a good meal in one of the outdoor cafes in Venice. There quaint piazzas near the Zattere promenade. Venetian cuisine is mostly seafoods and vegetables.

Gondola ride

What will be Venice without a gondola ride. Relax in the rowboat and enjoy every moment of the ride as you see Venice from a different perspective. Enjoy the sunset as your surroundings change to a plethora of colors.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Checklist for destination weddings: Initial planning

If you are planning your destination wedding, here is a checklist of the must-do tasks during the earlier stages of your wedding planning to make sure everything goes smoothly:

9 months to 1 year before the wedding

  • Have a binder where you can keep your ideas, information, and contracts.
  • Draft a guest list and collect their home and email addresses.
  • Try to figure out the budget and determine where you will splurge and where you will hold back.
  • Research the requirements for your wedding at your target destination
  • Try to find a wedding planner and look into your potential sites for the wedding and reception
  • list down the names of your entourage
  • Shop around for your wedding gowns, photo services and other needs.

6 to 9 months before the wedding

  • Pick the date of the big day and reserve the wedding site
  • Send out the save the date cards
  • Select your vendors from the caterer, florists, photographer, band, etc.
  • Choose your wedding officiant.
  • Order your wedding gown
  • Plan how the service will go.
  • Make a honeymoon registry and try to accomplish the wedding gifts registry
  • Plan out activities and options for the entourage.
  • Research if you need to incorporate any cultural, family, or local traditions to your wedding.

4 to 6 months before the wedding

  • Order wedding rings
  • Fix paperwork like passports and visas.
  • Get any necessary vaccination.
  • Arrange important rental needs like chairs, sound equipment, tables, etc.
  • Book your hotels and flights for the wedding and your honeymoon.
  • Shop for jewelry and accessories you will need for the wedding.
  • Set appointments for a day in the spa and salon with your bridesmaids.
  • Order your invitations and your thank you cards.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Venice Wedding: Great venues for your wedding ceremony

Are you planning for a Venice wedding? In case you are looking for a perfect venue where to hold your wedding ceremony, here are some suggestions that you might want to consider:

Palazzo Cavalli

The Palazzo Cavalli can host your civil wedding ceremonies overlooking Venice’s Grand Canal. It is an elegant Renaissance building with three fully furnished rooms that can be reserved for the bride and the groom. The biggest function room can accommodate about twenty five guests with big windows and a terrace offering a great view.

Ca’Vendramin Calergi

If you are planning to have around sixty guests, this Venice wedding venue is perfect for your destination wedding. The second floor of this elegant structure houses the casino of the municipality.

San Marco

The wedding ceremonies at San Marco are conducted inside the crypt. The church was renovated and refreshed, and then reopened to the public back in 1994. The hall where weddings are held was built back in the 11th century. This is an ideal place for an intimate wedding ceremony witnessed by the closes of family and friends.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

This church is among the loveliest in Venice. It was built in the late 15th century. The facace of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is covered by colorful marbles. The interior is also dominated by the different marble slabs in pink, grey, white, and silver.

San Salvador

San Salvador is situated near the Rialto a few hops from the Mercerie or business center of the town. It is one of the biggest churches built during the Renaissance.

Santa Fosca a Torcello

This church dates back to the 11th or 12th century. The main structure is surrounded by an octagonal portico. The halls have that perfect harmony of holiness and peace ideal for your Venice wedding.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Italian Bridal Lingerie for a wedding in Venice

Italian bridal lingerie is some of the world’s finest and most sensual lingerie. Although most lingerie is sexy and beautiful, the Italian bridal lingerie style is truly lovely. In Italy, the most popular location is probably Venice for a wedding. The countryside around the city is breathtaking and there are many areas where couples choose to get married. You will often find large cliffs along bodies of water are very popular for weddings in Italy.

Italian bridal lingerie is very well known and among the most sexy. Donna style of Italy carries all different types. It is customarily white in color. You will find some gorgeous bra styles for the sexy bridal lingerie attire. There are usually strapless bras in white color to accentuate any bridal lingerie ensemble. Some of them have sheer straps also. These are for maximum comfort as well as for sexy looks. The Italian bridal lingerie bra selection is absolutely beautiful and you will be able to find many different looks to choose from.

Some of the most popular Italian lingerie brands are Cherir, Infiore, Lilly Italia, and Laura Biagiatti. You will find some elegant bridal lingerie in some very classic styles. They are in a Donna style mostly which is the most popular. You will also find unique styles special only to the Italian lingerie designers. Some of them are absolutely exquisite.

Another thing you will notice about Italian lingerie is the sheer amount of bright colors. They pick the most beautiful colors in addition to the traditional white. A bride can choose other types of lingerie for their Italian wedding besides only the traditional white. Bridal Lingerie VeniceYou will also learn that there are usually more than a couple of nights spent during the honey moon and having multiple options to choose from for your nights together will make it much more erotic. Imagine your husband being surprised by each piece of stunning Italian lingerie that you have chosen for your honeymoon.

From back in Hollywood’s silver screen days there has always been a fascination with Italian design. Sophia Loren started the trend of the world loving push up bras and padded bras. With Italian lingerie much in this same style, it has been among the most popular lingerie worldwide for at least half a century. The bright and unique colors are always very flattering and always brings out the best in a woman’s figure.

So when having your dream Italian wedding in Venice, you can rest assured that your honeymoon in Venice will be just as spectacular as saying your nuptials. Whether you purchase your Italian lingerie online or from a retailer straight in the center of Venice, you will know you are getting quality and among the world’s finest lingerie.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Most Romantic Wedding Cities of the World

Undoubtedly, Paris is the first choice for anyone as a romantic wedding city. It is a mystery why this city keeps for ages this title of ‘premier romantic city’. A good location in Paris for a romantic wedding is the river Seine in a yacht. The beautiful and glamorous views from a yacht in the river are unforgettable. There are several fleets of yachts in Paris offering their services for a wedding in it. They are coming with different price tags suitable to your purse. A wedding in Paris is GREAT.

ParisChâteau of Versailles and Jacquemart-André Museum are only two of the many other romantic locations for a wedding in Paris.

Venice in Italy is known for canals and gondolas. The city has natural beauty and charm. Its grand architecture is well known. A wedding on a luxury gondola is a memorable event.

Scotland has one of the most picturesque countryside in Europe. Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city. This city is famous for its castles and forts. You can have a romantic wedding in any one of them and have a honeymoon in the Scottish countryside. The lakes in Scotland are beautiful sights. The enchanting old world charm will be remembered like a pleasant dream.

new york

New York is a very popular destination for a romantic wedding. The city is known for its high fashion. New York has several luxurious locations for romantic weddings.

Hawaii is well known for its magnificent beaches and beautiful gardens. The glamorous Hawaii is a fit place for a romantic wedding. The naturally cheerful people and the sandy beaches will surely win your hearts.

Rome, the capital of Italy has many impressive churches and beautiful chapels. The place is also known for the distinctive Italian cuisines. Rome is surely a fine destination for a romantic wedding.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Venice is one of the most Romantic Wedding Locations…

We already knew this, but now it’s official! Your Wedding Abroad has made a list of the most romantic wedding locations in the world and have put Venice, Italy in one of the top spots…

Rightfully so too!



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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aerial View of Venice

Everyone loves Venice and GODDAMN does this aerial view of the city underwater look gorgeous…

Venice Aerial View

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Different Wedding Etiquette Abroad?

Well — the question is simple. Is there some sort of different Wedding Etiquette for destination weddings? Well — obviously! As a hosting couple, you’ll be facing other problems and other situations, and you’ll have to meet them with a different ethical problem-solving.

Luckily, there’s such a thing as the internet, which gives you sites like Destination Wedding Etiquette. We helped set this site up and are proud of the result. The site will help you with basic wedding etiquette while planning your wedding abroad, while at your destination and afterwards!

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